Business Meeting Sunday December 9th

Business Meeting Sunday December 9th

Revisions to the New Life Church Manual and Consitution
Please review prior to Sunday December 9th

Over the past several months we have worked with members of the Church Council to review and provide a proposal for necessary changes to the New Life consitution and church manual. These changes are summed up in the following documents. These changes have been reviewed by the Church Council and we would like to bring them before the church at a brief church business meeting on Sunday December 9th following our regular morning worship service.

The proposed change to the church counstitution is only to update our statement of faith from the 1963 version of the Baptist Faith and Message to the 2000 version. All other recommended changes are detailed in this document:

The revised manual is available for download for your review from here:

An updated organizational chart that depicts the proposed changes to the organizational structure of the church is available for download from here:

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