Praise Team & Music Ministry

Classic Hymns & Contemporary Worship


What to expect on Sundays at New Life

Each Sunday we seek to honor Christ and glorify God through our worship together as a church. Sometimes we sing songs that are brand new like what you might hear on the local Christian radio station. Other times we might sing some classic worship songs from a few decades ago or maybe even some historic hymns from the seventeenth century. We currently only have guitar players leading the music with an occasional piano player jumping in the mix. We could always use more help!

Vision for the Praise Team & Music Ministry

Participation in worship and music ministry is an opportunity and privilege to serve the Lord Jesus and our local church in a meaningful way. Leading worship goes beyond simply playing and singing music – leading worship is a spiritual ministry to those that are expressing worship together in music. As a member of this ministry, you will not only contribute to the overall experience one has when attending New Life on Sunday mornings, but allow the authentic worship of your own daily life to overflow and “infect” others. This happens not only through singing and playing music, but through living out your faith in relationship, prayer, study of His Word and other means of grace, in “sanctified interaction” with God and His people.

The approach we are seeking in this ministry is to create an environment within New Life where all members and visitors are drawn to worship God in their hearts and express it with their voices. Through this ministry, your commitment to personal worship of Christ will be given an outlet in a way that leads, inspires and invites worship and praise in others, to the glory of God!

Get Involved!

If you can sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you consider getting involved with our worship team. We rehearse on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Our music is a mix of contemporary worship songs and traditional favorites. We can always use another voice to help out. If you play piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, or drums get involved!